Az utóbbi 2 hétbe is szorgalmasak voltak a Fejlesztőink!
Rengeteg Quest és egyéb apróság lett javítva ;)


-Kor'agh encounter elérhető
-Drov the Ruiner finomítások
-Tarlna the Ageless finomítások


-Burning Blade Cache
-Rich True iron deposit
-Infected Sludge Guard Respawn Time
-Hemet's Heartseeker
-Charred Sword
-Shadowmoon Valley Treasures
-Fly Ridings Achievement elérhetõ
-Weapon Enchant - Mark of Bleeding Hollow
-Pet range javítva

Garrison Questek:

-Finalize Garrison Plot
-Delegating on Draenor
-Garrison Campaign: Awakening
-Garrison Campaign - The Sargerei
-What We Got
-Garrison building finish
-Garrison Delegating on Draenor
-Establish Your
- A Song of Frost and Fire
-Build your barrack
-Things are not Goren our way


-Seek and Destroy
-The Dark Missive
-Not Without My Honor
-Out of Place
-An ogre without his sword
-The Strength of Iron
-Next steps
-Round 1: The Streetfighter
-An Ancient Evil
-Blood of the burning blade
-The Mosh'Ogg Bounty
-Bright Bait
-Forming the scroll
-Gathering the spark
-Creating the ink
-Not Without My Honor
-Finding Nat Pagle
-The Dead Do Not Forget
-Hot Seat
-Spires of Arak - The Power of Poison
-Spires of Arak - Assassin's Mark
-Spires of Arak - Attempted Murder
-Dexyl Deadblade
-Who Knew Fish Liked Eggs?
-Call of the archmage
-Zeth'Gor Must Burn!
-Spires of the betrayer
-Lithic's gift
-Forbidden Love
-Shooting the breeze
-Scavenger Hunt
-Not Without My Honor
-Hatred Undying
-Burn It Up... For the Horde!
-Plants of Zangarmarsh
-Locating the Lapidarist
-The Home Stretch Bug
-The Kargathar Proving Grounds
-Bled Dry Bug
-Gymer's Salvation
-Burn It Up... For the Horde!
-Khadgar's Task
-Rescue the Fallen


-Fire and Brimstone


-Fury Warrior mastery
-Mortal Strike healing received debuff
-Whirlwind offhand damage
-Glyph of Rude Interruption


-Steady Focus talent
-Black Arrow
-Focusing Shot
-Thrill of the Hunt
-Explosive Trap
-Dire Beast
-Cobra Shot
-Bestial Wrath
-Binding Shot
-Steady Shot


-Ring of frost
-Finger of Frost
-Incanter's Flow
-Glyph of Deep freeze


-Glyph of Levitate
-Vampiric Embrace
-Phantasm proc


-Ancestral Guidance


-Travel form
-Ursol's Vortex
-Astral Communion
-Cenarion Ward
-Incarnation: Chosen of Elune
-Restoration Mastery: Living Seed
-Glyph of the Shapemender


-Fan of Knives
-Cloak of Shadow
-Death From Above
-Glyph of Gouge


-Chi Explosion
-Shuriken Toss
-Surging Mist
-Storm, Earth, and Fire
-Stance of the Spirited Crane
-Chi Brew
-Practice Makes Perfect: Master Cheng
-Fists of Fury


-Seal of Truth
-Hand of Freedom
-Glyph of Dazing Shield
-Glyph of Consercrator
-Mastery: Divine Bulwark

Death Knight:

-Veteran of the third war
-Necrotic Plague
-Bone Shield
-Desecrated Ground
-Plague Leech
-Dancing Rune Weapon
-Blood Tap
-Raise Dead
-Runic corruption
-Shadow Infusion
-Death Pact
-Death Coil